If you teach piano online and want to help your class’s beginners pick some easy piano songs to perform and impress their audience, you may feel somewhat baffled. This post is designed to help you choose two piano songs that can suit your beginner students’ skills.

When choosing these songs, we have searched for these specific criteria that make them beginner-friendly:

· Easy chord progressions

· Repetitive parts

· Absence of any jumping around with your hands

So, here’re two easy-to-play piano songs that you can suggest your students practice and then perform:

1. Beethoven's Für Elise

Perhaps your students, like most people, have just heard the legendary short introduction to the piece that’s almost a minute long. Though the next sections are more difficult, your beginner students don’t need to learn them right away.

Learning the popular introductory part of the piece is easy as the right- and left-hand segments are entirely separate. This means your students won’t be playing two different ideas simultaneously. Rather, they’ll be playing the piece where every melodic line is broken up between the hands. The left hand needs to play just four patterns while the final four octave sweep is made completely of the note E!

Since there are just a few chords and notes your students need to remember to play the renowned section, they’ll find it easy to learn and practice. You can teach them each hand separately. Once they learn both hands, you can slowly make them play using both hands together. Since they just overlap one note at a time, your students should be able to play the piece easily.

2. Bach's Prelude in C

This piece includes a lot of notes and chords, which pass very quickly. Learning to play this piece is a study in chord patterns and progressions as it makes use of the piano’s range. But your students shouldn’t be worried as the piece is easier to play than it may appear. Except for the last few measures, just a solitary note is being pressed at a time in this piece. Moreover, throughout the piece, the rhythm remains the same. This means your students just need to focus on the notes and the chords. They should focus on what chord they’re playing. Knowing a little bit of theory too would help them a lot. As their piano teacher, you should teach them about chord inversions and seventh chords when they learn and attempt to play this piece.