3 Steps to Ensure Your Kid Sticks to a Regular Music Practice Session

Find it hard to make your kid stick to a regular music practice session? Read about three simple yet highly effective steps that you can take to motivate your kid for it.

3 Steps to Ensure Your Kid Sticks to a Regular Music Practice Session

As with learning any new skill, a structured approach to practicing music will ensure the learners absorb the learning objectives in a systematic way. Maintaining a routine and diligence is essential for a learner to dedicate himself/herself to the lessons taught in online music classes. Unfortunately, many parents often find their kids getting distracted during online group classes on music. If you too belong to this league, here’re three simple yet highly effective steps you can take to motivate your kid.

1. Accompany the kid during practice sessions

By nature, most kids desire attention and acknowledgment. If they’re practicing alone most of the time and without any acknowledgment of their effort and progress, it’s likely that their interest in the music teaching sessions will soon drop steadily. So, get involved in your kid’s practice sessions, which will automatically motivate him/her to put in more effort to impress you with better results. And in case you can’t make it at all, be sure to have a chat with the kid later to understand how he/she feels about his/her progress.

2. Teach the kid to appreciate music

You need to help your kid understand that being able to participate in online music classes is some kind of a special privilege, which isn’t necessarily available to all of his/her peers. Help him/her discover how learning music can transform his/her life. It’ll not only motivate your kid to cultivate the gift of music but help him/her develop a love for it as well. This, in turn, would encourage him/her to practice music regularly.

3. Help your kid to focus on music

Your kid needs to understand that learning music is his/her second priority after schoolwork. To do this, you’ve to ensure that he/she experiences a lifestyle where music is prioritized. Instead of setting up unrealistic goals, focus on creating a routine for the kid with a daily practice session at home. You also need to designate a particular area/room where the child can practice with minimal distractions.

Apart from these, help your kid explore music wherever possible. Attend online concerts and listen to new songs that highlight the specific instrument he/she is learning about in online group classes. It’ll help him/her understand that learning music isn’t limited just to practice sessions. Rather, the passion can be explored outside of those limited periods as well. It’ll gradually reinforce the notion that learning and practicing music is actually a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding activity.