Top 3 Music Games for Your Online Group Classes

There are several music games and tools that can add some welcome variety to your online group classes. Know about our top three picks here.

Top 3 Music Games for Your Online Group Classes

If your online group classes to teach music are slowly getting somewhat boring, and you’re worried about holding your students’ attention, you could try using online games. There are several music games and tools that can add some welcome variety to your online group classes and help shake things up a little bit. Sounds interesting? Here are our top three picks:

1. Music Memory

This music memory game is about pitch recognition. Using it in your online group classes will help train your students in remembering the solfege pitches. When you start the game, it’ll play a pitch. The students must listen to it, guess it, and then replay by pressing the correct buttons on the screen that will display a selection of notes using the Solfa scale of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti. Then, the game will tell if you are right or wrong before it moves onto the next pitch. You won’t need to be perfect pitch to play Music Memory. But it’ll surely instill pitch relationships into your ear. As a music teacher, you can post a high score in your online classroom and invite your students to beat it. This challenge is likely to make even the most reluctant of your students to participate and have some fun while improving their aural perception.

2. Audiotool

If you’re looking for an interactive music game for your music students who’re in middle or high school, Audiotool is just what you need. It’s a collaborative music production studio that you can access online through your browser. Audiotool comes with a modular structure. It has a cloud-based library of 250,000+ samples and includes a wide variety of synthesizers including sample players, bassline, and beatboxes. Since it has a range of virtual mixers like the 4-mode Autofilter, Rasselbock, Graphical EQ Exciter, etc., your students can add several possible effects. Audiotool is available for different devices and has 50,000+ device presets accessible through your chosen device’s preset browsers. Once your students have created their musical compositions online using Audiotool, they can share it on Facebook, YouTube, or Soundcloud. To make your online group classes more fun and interesting, you could even create a YouTube channel and share the Audiotool tracks that your class has created.

3. Theremin

This music game is a synth-soundwave player that’s suitable for middle and elementary school students. Using Theremin, your students can simply move the mouse to make different sounds and experiment with them. Your online music class’s elementary students can have fun while playing around with different sounds, which can help to reinforce timbre. For older students, Theremin gives an opportunity to understand the scientific aspect of the sound waves.

So, use these music games and tools to make your online group classes exciting.