Top 3 Tips for Online Recital Management

Read about some tips for effective recital management online.

Top 3 Tips for Online Recital Management

Recitals stir a wide range of emotions in your students, irrespective of whether they’re conducted in-person or online. From a little bit of anticipation, excitement, fear, and anxiety to a slight boost in confidence, an overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment, and a little bit of relief, your students would experience a gamut of emotions. So, how do you manage such a varied range of emotions somewhat when planning an online recital? And is the recital management different for beginners than what it is for the pros? Let’s delve deeper to find some answers.

Start easy

If you’re planning your first online recital with some beginners, choose the easiest piece to play or the easiest note to sing. Even when you’ve got students who have been doing in-person recitals for long and plan on playing more than one song during the recital, you should ideally begin with the easiest song. That’s because online recital is a new domain for both the beginners and the pros. And since they’re likely to be the most nervous when they begin the recital, starting with the easiest piece would give them the confidence to move onto the next complex piece. For your beginner students, starting with an easy recital would make them excited and confident to handle the next one, even when it’s a bit difficult.

Practice, practice, and then some more

Practice is the key to efficient recital management online, just as it is for in-person recitals. As a music teacher, you need to make your students practice a lot. The more they practice, the more second-nature the instrument or piece of music would become. This way, even when your students have something similar to a stage fright before their online recitals or feel jittery, their brain would still know what to do and do it despite the fear and anxiety. Thus, repeatedly practicing the same thing would make online recital management much easier as your students would do what’s necessary somewhat automatically.

Find a suitable platform

A user-friendly platform or app is another essential ingredient for successful recital management online. From conducting individual and group classes to sharing files, notes, images, videos, and audios to scheduling classes easily, and hosting online recitals, your chosen platform or app should facilitate them all. In case you haven’t yet found the right answer, you can check today that promises to make music learning an engaging experience for all the parties involved.