Teaching music remotely is a challenge for music teachers. Apart from organizing their lessons and imparting the knowledge, they also need to manage their students. And this includes different aspects – right from the online registration of students and custom class management to setting up an online payment schedule and quick communication with parents. All these can be made easy with a centralized interface like the one offered by Mousiki.io.

If you haven’t taken your music classes online yet and are worried about managing your students, here are certain things you should look for when short-listing apps or platforms to conduct online music classes.

1. Ease of registration

This is the first step toward managing of your students online easily. If your students or their parents can’t register easily, they would quickly move onto the next app or platform that facilitates quick and hassle-free registration. The registration process should be as easy as possible like it is with Mousiki where you’ll just need an email and password to sign up. Once your account is created, you can confirm your email address and sign in, after which you’ll have to fill the details like user type, gender, phone number, date of birth, instrument, and time zone. Since all these details would be accessible from a centralized interface, you can easily track your students or their parents and communicate fast, as and when necessary.

2. Class scheduling

From managing students in your existing classes to adding or deleting new courses based on your availability and helping the students enroll in them, you need a seamless interface to work with. Additionally, to know your student strength at a glance, you should be able to search for them easily. With Mousiki, you can do all of them and even more. With a user-friendly scheduling feature, you can manage your students and their classes online with ease. There’s also a search function that lets you find students by their email, name, or learning instruments. While existing and active students matching the search parameters will be displayed under the active tabs, those who’ve already completed their courses or have discontinued the course will be shown under the inactive tabs. Thus, you can have a fair idea of how many students your classes have right now and even plan to bring those featured under the inactive tabs into the active tabs again.

3. Manage payments

This is an important part of managing your students online. Whether you charge a flat fee or need to track your billable hours to invoice them, your chosen app or platform should let you do it easily. Mousiki facilitates online payment of fees and lets you centrally schedule and manage your invoices and payments. This lets you see which students have paid their fees on time and those who haven’t. You can then send reminders to the latter group to ensure your payments don’t get delayed.

So, don’t worry about managing your students online. Choose Mousiki.io and take your music classes online to enjoy seamless student management.