Holiday music almost always triggers a joyous vibe and spreads positivity among millions of people. If you teach piano online and have a beginner’s group, you can ask your students and even help them practice these five Christmas songs. With adequate practice coupled with your expert guidance, they should be ready to play them on December 25 and spread the festive cheer around.

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

This classic Christmas song is also one of the easiest that your students could learn to play on the piano. It’s easy to learn this song as it consists of a verse followed by a chorus, after which there’s again verse and then chorus. While it’s the perfect song to usher in the festive spirit and spread the cheer around, it’s an equally brilliant song that would encourage your students’ family members to sing along.

2. Jingle Bells

This is perhaps the most famous and loved among all Christmas songs. It’s almost certain to appeal to everyone, no matter how old they are. By making your students play a cheerful rendition of this song on their piano, you can ensure they announce the arrival of Christmas in style. Since the right hand doesn’t move much in this song, it’s ideal to teach it first, make the students play it easily, and then add the left hand movements.

3. Silent Night

Since your students just need to use the white keys to play this song, it’s one of the beginner-friendly Christmas songs you can teach your students. As it’s a legato song, you could use it (like many other teachers do) to make your students learn the pedal by showing them how they should pick up their foot properly during parts of a song.

4. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Since this song contains a few notes, it’s great to learn and practice for beginners in your online piano classes. Once your students have picked up the hand movements and practiced them well, you can make the song more interesting by playing around with dynamics like going from mezzo forte (moderately loud) to mezzo piano (moderately soft) or from piano (soft) to forte (loud), etc.

5. The First Noel

If you’re looking to give the students in your online piano classes something a bit more challenging, this Christmas song should be on your list. Your students will need to use their right hand to practice playing the melody while using their left hand to hold the bass notes. Your job will be to teach them how they can practice balancing these two hands together.