Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Piano in Winter

Worried about how to take care of your piano in winter? We’ve got some essential tips to follow here.

Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Piano in Winter

Wood, which is one of the key components of a piano, gets impacted by humidity changes. Since humidity alters during the winter season, it’s essential to follow some preventive measures to keep the instrument in perfect working condition. If you offer online piano classes, here are the steps you should follow to ensure your beloved instrument copes well with the dipping temperature.

Maintain the home’s humidity

As wood contracts and swells based on humidity, the room where the piano is kept needs to have constant relative humidity throughout the year. Many people install a humidity control system while some others prefer to use room humidifiers to accomplish this goal. You can also buy a humidity gauge, which will let you see the exact humidity level in the room’s air. Knowing the correct levels of humidity would help you take more accurate measures.

Your piano’s location

You should locate the piano in a room having a relatively stable temperature, which means it shouldn’t be extremely cold or extremely warm. Ideally, it shouldn’t be located near open windows or areas where cold air keeps coming in constantly. If possible, try to select an internal wall instead of an external wall to place the piano. The reason behind this is internal walls usually help maintain a more stable temperature compared to external walls. Apart from these, be sure to keep it away from an open fireplace, heater, or air conditioner.

Piano tuning

Your piano’s components can be easily affected by extreme weather conditions such as chilly temperatures. Usually, you should have the instrument tuned at least once a year and possibly twice if you use it regularly for online music classes. It’d be wise to do it in fall when the season starts to change. It’ll be tuned sharper by the tuner to deal with the flat pitch that accompanies the dry air of the chilly season. And be sure to get the job done by only a professional piano tuner to get quality service.

Closing thoughts

By following the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be to extend the piano’s life effectively while keeping all its components in their ideal working conditions. Remember - a piano is an instrument that needs lots of care. And when the instrument is cared for properly, it can offer a magical musical experience for many decades to come, whether you use it for music teaching or just play it to bring some cheer and joy to yourself and those listening to it.