Fall has already arrived. As you stay immersed in teaching music to your students online, you may not even notice when it gives way to winter. But ahead of the temperature drop and shorter days, you need to plan for self-care. As a music teacher, your self-care regimen need not be complicated. Here are three simple self-care tips that will get you covered.

Take good care of your voice

If you teach vocal music, winter is the season when you need to take good care of your voice. Since the weather becomes dry, it becomes extremely important to stay hydrated. So, make sure to drink adequate water throughout the day. And if your throat still feels dry despite adequate intake of water, you could consider adding a humidifier to your home.

Another important step is to always remember to warm up your voice. Before you start your class or begin singing, warming up your voice for a few minutes is essential. If you’re hard-pressed for time, even a quick, 5-minute warm-up would get you ready to start your online music sessions. Warming up your voice will help it avoid cracking up and ensure it stays healthy.

Stick to a regular exercise schedule

Winter makes you feel lethargic and moving your body could be the last thing you’re inclined to do. Yet, make sure to exercise regularly, even if it’s for 15-20 minutes. Practice some simple stretches or spot jogging or yoga moves, do some breathing exercises, and meditate for a few minutes. Doing these will boost your energy levels and mood while helping you stay healthy – both physically and mentally.

Get your dose of sunshine

Due to the pandemic, going out has become difficult for many as it often needs elaborate preparations. However, try to get out – even if it’s for a few minutes, as sunshine and Vitamin D are effective in letting you beat those winter blues. If you simply can’t go out, make sure to keep your blinds and curtains open to let the light come in and soak it in as much as is possible. Being in an upbeat mood is essential to convey those positive vibes to your students while taking online music classes.

Surviving and thriving as a music teacher during winter need not be a tough task. Just follow the tips shared above and have a plan in place, and we guarantee that you’ll do just fine.